The A & S Despooler
Patent No. 6634592
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What is the A & S Despooler?
The Despooler is a device for quickly and evenly dispensing one or multiple rolls of
non-metallic sheathed cable or ROMEX
® (12/2gn) wire in new housing construction.  Imagine
not having to fight the constant kinking and binding of ROMEX® as you rough in a new home.  
The Despooler dispenses ROMEX® flat, making it much more workable and compliant as you
pull new construction wiring.  The Despooler can handle two rolls of ROMEX® at once, as well
as coaxial cable, ground wire or 18/2 P.J.. The Despooler can even accommodate flex pipe for
plumbers and other flex pipe applications.  If it comes on a spool, you can probably dispense it
with the Despooler!
The Despooler is easily attached to any single wall stud (2" x ?)
Extensions are available to hold almost any width spool with a 3/4" or larger center hole
Save time on each new construction location
Licensing Available.
The Despooler is shown here with two rolls
of ROMEX® (12/2 gn).
Two pointed twist bolts allow the Despooler
to be quickly be attached to any 2"x4" stud,
holding the Despooler securely for any length
of pull.
Two Despooler units are shown here, each
loaded with ROMEX® on one side and large
roll coaxial cable on the other.  This setup
allow for quickly pulling multiple wire runs,
significantly reducing the amount of time spent
roughing-in new building construction.
With the optional extension for large spools,  
the Despooler smoothly and easily
dispenses Gastite flexible gas tubing.
Simply lift the snap lock ring and slide off the
washer and side guard, load on the roll of
ROMEX®, replace the side guard, washer
and snap lock ring and you are ready to go!
ROMEX® is a registered trademark of the Southwire Company.  
When wiring a new house for electricity, the
Despooler will make quick work of
dispensing wire during the rough in process.
 Use with just about any wire normally
needed in new house electrical construction.